Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jewelry by Bridgette Rallo

Stamps used : Corinthian Capital 22-008

This brooch began with the fossil cabochon you see dangling from the bottom. It's a pyrite negative: an imprint of an ammonite shell in pyrite. I've always liked anything created around the concept of the passage of time. But I didn't get any further on the brooch design until I received that wonderful Corinthian Capital stamp in the mail. Then the whole piece just came together: the contrasting metals, the time-related artifacts...when you really like certain ideas or things, whatever you do with them comes out well.

The clockwork gear is distressed copper, the small inset cabochon is a man-made ruby and the beads are art glass from the Czech Republic with a silver Thai bead in the center. Bridgette

Stamps used : Spider Web 10-022
This brooch is called Web Design

Those two beautiful brooches were designed by Bridgette Rallo with our rubber stamps. You can purchase those items and many more like it on Bridgette's website The Greenwoods Studio


Ann said...

Gorgeous jewelry! I don't know enough about jewelry making to understand how the process works, from rubberstamp impression to finished object, but these -- and the ones on the webiste -- are judt beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ann, for the kind words -- it's so nice to hear that someone likes your work.
One of the great advantages of using metal clay as part of my jewelry making repertoire is that I can get great patterns in silver without the expense of buying a rolling mill. Stamps are my preferred method for this.
FYI, I'm in the process of writing a basic tutorial about how to use stamps with metal clay. As soon as I get it done, it will be posted in the Tutorials section of the Stamp Francisco website.

Anonymous said...

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