Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother's Day Around the World

Did you know that you could celebrate Mother's Day all year round? Of course on May 10th... the US date then on May 25th pour la Fête des Mères in France and another 29 days that you can see by clicking on this Mother's Day link.

Stamps Used: Children 23-157, To My Mother 106-1393

Stamps used: Children 23-157, Spring Bouquet 61-167, Mother Word 106-1393

Both cards courtesy of Wendy Robinson

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why a long silence?

Thought I would be uploading photos while in Europe but forgot the camera USB cable!! So that plan did not work out too well... Then between jet lag, trying to catch up with work, a death in the family and getting ready for mandibular jaw surgery to correct an overbite the days have just been too short to update the blog! The surgery is this Tuesday !

Jaws will be banded together via rubber bands for 8 weeks... On the positive side, since I will be on a liquid diet, I am looking forward to shedding a couple pounds...

Concentrating on the positive! I kinda had a memory lapse... thought the braces would be coming off soon but unfortunately they will still be on for another 12 months... must have been wishful thinking

So the next updates will be random and the subjects from archived events but since we were in Paris few weeks ago, I hope you'll enjoy this fun card awaiting our return from Anne Schuster.

Man with Birds (from Imagine) 104-528 and Bird Cage 102-573 (from Bartholomew's Ink). Others stamps unknown.

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