Friday, November 27, 2009

Cling Mounted Rubber Stamps

Now that I'm back I can't stop posting!!!

Forgot to mention that you will now see three options to purchase your rubber stamps. We've added a "Trimmed and Mounted on Cling Cushion" version.

The cart is unable to figure the correct shipping for this finish so ALL overcharges are refunded at time of shipping. If I am out of the country at the time of shipping, the overcharge will be refunded few days after my return.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shame, Shame on me and Happy Thanksgiving to You

Oh my gosh! Its been 2 months since the last post! Shame, Shame, Shame!!! The kittens are now 13 weeks old, all over the place and no longer the last addition to the family. The last of the feral we were feeding is now a home cat. He's a huge black cat thereby his new name... Blackie! and to be more exact "Loverboy Blackie". I'll try to upload a photo by this weekend. Chica and the babies have discovered the bed and spend part of the night with us and some of the other cats... who are not too happy about it! Must say they are pretty rambunctious before going to sleep...good thing we have a King Size bed.

Today editing worked... here are some photos:

Oh no! Mom found our new hidding spot!

We can't come to the phone!
13 weeks and still breast feeding.

How do you define contentment?

Vini and Angel giving me the paw!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we send you our thanks for your friendship, the art some of you share with us and of course for choosing our stamps for your art projects.

I'm so behind... had 2 cataract surgeries and now see life in vivid colors instead of sepia but one eye has a lot of astigmatism and will need laser surgery to improve the vision. Patience, Patience... until early Spring for this final step. If you see crocked designed you'll know why... just kidding - LOL

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving two ways... DH had turkey the old fashioned way and I decided to sponsor a flock of turkey from Farm Sanctuary : Bubbles, Gideon, Mello, Olive, Rhonda and Hawthorne. Aren't they cute?

Got some gorgeous artwork from the talented Lynn Stevens and Wendy Robinson to upload to the blog and the site and some very nice ATC from my dear friend Hilde Van Barel from Belgium.

Starting Friday night I will be uploading the Christmas stamps from Renaissance Art Stamps, some Eclectic Omnibus and Art by Moonlight rubber stamps, new stamps from Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, new Alice in Wonderland designs ... as many stamps as my fingers can type in the database each day between shipping the orders.

Will try to post a little more often.

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