Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meet Chica or love at first sight!

While at the Frankfurt airport waiting for plane #2 to get back home, let me introduce Chica the newest addition to our family... well kinda....

Late August, my best friend and I took a week off at a fabulous spa Rancho La Puerta located in Tecate, Mexico. Upon arrival we were greeted by this lovely kitty and she and I bonded immediately. She became my little shadow and we slept together.

Chica at the Ranch

Long story short, Chica was very thin and very pregnant. After a couple days of tribulations and the help of some wonderful folks at Rancho La Puerta ~ especially Yoreme ~ Chica had a passport, went thru immigration and became a full fledged American Citizen. After a lond day of travel - thankfully in the cabin - she reached Portland where a surprised Bill discovered the family had a new member. He immediately fell in love with her ~ even upon learning the next day ~ that we would shortly become grand parents.

Chica at home

A week later Chica gave birth to 5 beautiful black and white kittens. They were one week old when I left and turned 4 this week. They are now running around like crazy and very curious. Chica is a wonderful mother. She's about 1 year old and this is her second litter and of course, last litter.

One week old
12 cats in the house

Time to board!


Katreader said...

Chica is so gorgeous. I'm so glad she was able to join your family. And what sweet babies. They remind me of my first cat, Bandit, who was also black and white.

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks so much! Chica is a very blessed kitty.

Lindy said...

We have 5 cats that we have rescued over the last few years. Bless you for taking in Chica; she's beautiful! It's heartwarming to know she has a wonderful home where she is well cared for.

Wezz said...

Hi Catherine,
Lovely pics of the kittens! And those from the market in Paris are so colorful! Thanks for sharing! You have received the Heartfelt Blog Award, check my blog for details. :-)

Hilde -